Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Total Awesomeness...

I don't have much time to talk now, because we have soooo much we are working on at the moment! (It's so very exciting!) Here's my checklist of things to keep in mind for the remainder of the week:
  • Prepare for the merchandise store (remember Sonny Joon)
  • Submit Tomb of the Lost Queen to ESRB for an official rating
  • Review the Cover Art for Tomb of the Lost Queen
  • Play through Tomb of the Lost Queen
  • Remember to de-bug the manual for Tom-- I'm just going to abbreviate TMB
  • Sneak into vocal auditions tomorrow for ND#27
  • Eat a cookie...or two
  • Prepare for a visiting fan tomorrow
  • Create a weekend puzzle
  • Gather info and art for our next newsletter
  • Test our web site pages
  • Review some web site buttons
  • Get in some toy archery practice

Mind if I stop to catch my breath? *Whew.....Ok, I'm good. :)

Breathing time's over, now I need to get back to checking off this list...time to run! Until tomorrow!

~Little Jackalope~


Rachel Nicole said...

wow! Thats a lot to do. =O

Anonymous said...

Who do you need voices for in ND#27?
Who's the visiting fan?
My sister is making chocolate chip cookies stuffed with brownies.I bet you'd like one.
Do you have a set time for the store to open?

From me,

Future HeR Animator said...

*sigh* what a lucky fan! :D :D
If I visited the HI offices, I'd want your autograph. :) Little Jackalope. I'd then bring it home and hang it on my wall.

Future HeR Animator said...

Aw! I just saw your Twitter update about singing Happy Birthday to your visiting fan! :D BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! :D

Anonymous said...

Review the Cover Art for Tomb of the Lost Queen?????? Dose this mean it will soon be uncovered???
I hope so!!!!U are SOOO lucky, you get to play the game be 4 us!!!!!~ From NANCYGEEK

Allie-oop said...

Wow, you got a lot to do. :) Have fun, like you always do. ^_^