Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Merchandise Store + New UI!

Aaah! Awesome day today! Besides the craziness of the weather here (snow flurries for 15 minutes, then bright sunshine the next), we have had an amazing day. ^_^ Ok, perhaps the snow flurries can be counted as amazing, too.

First off, we introduced to you a brand new UI (User Interface) on our Dare to Play Blog here. I know it is a big change, and speaking from my long-term fan experience (trust me, I've been a Nancy Drew fan for over half of my life) I was hesitant about a new UI. Change is hard, but I gave it a go. When I finished playing Tomb of the Lost Queen, I thought back on how much I thoroughly enjoyed the new experience.
I give it two thumbs up, and here's why:
- It looks vintage, yet modern (which is the perfect combination for Nancy)
- The look is very beautiful, with the dark wood grain and gold embellishments
- I didn't have to worry about accidentally hitting the exit button this time!
- Viewing and grabbing my inventory items was such a breeze, it was quick and easier to use
- The task list is amazing! Once I check a box off, it immediately drops to the bottom of my list, so that I can find everything left that I have to do near the top of my list.
- No more being called a "Junior" detective! We can be proud to boast the name "Amateur Sleuth" on the easier level, or "Master Sleuth" on the harder level.

It might be a bit early for you to draw a conclusion, but what do you think so far about the new look?

More exciting news! We launched our [insert bugle call here] [insert deep breath here] Merchandise Store! Oh, I'm so excited!! This is going to be the theme for all of my posts this week, so fair warning. ~.^

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out! Here are my recommendations:
- iPad Folio case with Sonny Joon's journal on the cover (from Ransom of the Seven Ships).
- The T-shirt found in The Captive Curse gift shop that says "I came to see the Creature, but all I got was this lousy T-shirt".
- Her Interactive logo Mug
- Any image on the magic mug! (This is sooooo cool! I played with this all day refilling it with water and emptying it out over and over. Talk about entertainment!)

I better save my breath and energy for more posts this week, there is too much to say, and I need to prepare a weekend puzzle. And eat some cookies. That's important, too. And also I need to remember that we have another fan visiting tomorrow! Hooray! ^_^
~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

Do you know how excited you made me? :D :D You're so gonna get a order from me! But it may be a while, gotta save some money... About $76.96. lol The first thing i buy will either be a HI mug or a HI t shirt. Probably a HI t shirt, I've wanted one of those for years!!

Ms. It's Locked said...

Personally, I loved the look of the very first UI, but I actually like this one. I especially love the "amateur" and "master" detective names. I'm SO excited about the merchandise store!!! Will you guys eventually sell Koko Kringles? Also, I had a few ideas for games... Would you please tell me what you think?
1. NASA mystery
2. Washington D.C.
3. Spain

Thank you so much Little Jajalopy and I hope I can meet you in person one day!
~ Ms. It's Locked

Junecat said...

I have to say, the new UI looks like the old one and the current one combined. Well, can't wait to play the game!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the magnifying glass cursor is still the same...

Anonymous said...

Hey Little Jackalope.I checked out the blog and store.I lve them both.Are all the new games gonna be with this desighn,just with differnt pics in th back?
I hope we can buy a Sonny Joon mouse pad.I'll have to talk to my parents.
You know,I was thinking,are you gonna seel Koko Kringle Bars?? :)

From me,

Haley Bug said...

Okay, for my B-day i NEED one of thoose pelow cases, with a water bottle to take to school. I love how you can costumise a ton of stuff!

Anonymous said...

I liked seeing Nancy's desk as the UI, but other than that, I LOVE the changes made!

Aimee said...

I akways loved hearing Nancy say "Hi, I'm Nancy Drew. This is my center of operations. If you want to know the basics of how I do what I do, check out the book titled 'How to be a Detective.' It's really helpful, especially if you're new the mysterey solving buisness." But, I guess we have to change thinks up once in a while...