Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Candy Phone Anyone?

What I really mean is, that if you have an iPhone 4/4s you can purchase a case for it in our merchandise store here.

I wanted to point out some images that I found rather fun. Check out the candy from Trail of the Twister! Here's Cowabubble:

There are a couple other images to choose from, but if you want the Koko Kringle image, you'd have to scroll down to the "Her Interactive" category. Why there? Because the Koko Kringle can be found in so many games that it's hard to assign it to only one title, and it's a Her Interactive icon. ;)

~Little Jackalope~


Jessie said...

You guys should make some of those cases for the iPod touch. I'd totally buy one then. :D

Anonymous said...

i wish i had a iphone!!! oh well... i'm going to have to save up money any way!!!(:(TMB and more merchandise);)

Anonymous said...

I have noticed something 3 of the candy's have something to do with a cow.