Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Round Keepsake Box

I really wanted to highlight this item from our Merchandise Store: The Round Keepsake box!

This box is really nice, and it fits DVDs and CDs in it Drew game CDs, maybe?I have fun taking a look at how many different images can go on this box. Have you tried looking at the Moon Chunk image from Trail of the Twister? Or the Moon Lake Jr. Park Ranger Pin from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake? I like that one because it makes me laugh how it was Nancy's reward for helping out Jeff Akers. Perhaps you are a fan of Whale World from Danger on Deception Island?

Once you have had a tour of the Merchandise store, head over to the Message Board and post to this thread here. If there is an image that you wish to see on our items, let us know! Perhaps we will add it in the future. ~.^

Starting today, we are holding another Caption Contest on Facebook! This time we are featuring Nik, our Writer with a Nancy Drew fan. Post what you think he is saying for a chance to win an iPhone cover!

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

I have a great idea for the caption contest. And it concerns you Little J. :) question, I don't own an iPhone.\, what if I win? Is there something else that can be awarded?

Anonymous said...

Hey HeR!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a reqest. Could you make Nancy drew figures?? That would be awsome. (: ~ NANCYGEEK

Anonymous said...

I saw you could use different pictures but I haven't played with it yet. Are you gonna do anything Koko Kringle related??

From me,

Little Jackalope said...

@Future HeR Animator: If you win and do not own an iPhone, we will provide you with a different prize. :)

@Anonymous: I will add that to the fan's wish list I have on desk, and be sure to pass that idea on.

@Silvertongue: It's quite possible that we will do some Koko Kringle related things in the future, but we have yet to plan it out. For now, we do have a Koko Kringle Mouse Pad, and a few other items with the Koko Kringle image on them.

Check out the Her Interactive category, found at the bottom when you scroll through the game titles. Since Koko Kringles are found in several games, we put that image in that section.

Brynn! said...

Hey Lil' J! :)
I want to enter your contest, but I can't find where you enter. I looked all over your Facebook but couldn't find it. Can you tell me where it is?
Blushing right now,

Bex Kemp said...

HEY! maybe herinteractive could make a Puzzle box like the one you had to solve in SAW! i collect them and it would be awesome for my collection! Plus it could be like a ND puzzle in real life! it would be super unique!

Little Jackalope said...

@Brynn! -- Whenever we hold a contest, the contest information is listed in the contest post. For this last weekend, all entries were to be sent to

@Bex Kemp -- That's a great idea! Although that seems like a carpenter's specialty. Some designers have made these already on some web sites online. Try researching puzzle boxes and see what turns up!

Anonymous said...

I AM A HUGE FAN OF INERACTIVE. i realy like dogs, mabey ineractive could make an nancy drew game with dogs in it!!!!!
love dogs and nancy drew games.

siscerly yours big fan.!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think i accsdently did google account.