Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All About Buttons!

Now that the Merchandise store has launched *deep breath* I can slow down and breathe, and then get all excited about the fun things to talk about, like buttons! Ok, perhaps it is a little less exciting to read about, but none-the-less important.

Have you noticed a change to our home page? There are new thumbnails! Check them out!

There is a new one that leads directly to our new Merchandise store (seen on the left), the Dare to Play Blog button has been updated (see the pink one) and my absolute favorite: The Amateur Sleuth Blog button! Yay! Now it's just one click away for those who visit our site.

Another button that we added is this one here:

This Merchandise button! (Which can be found on our "Shop" page.)
On a separate note, lately I've been adding "tags" to the end of each blog post. Why? Because it looks cool.

Just kidding.

It's for any reader who wants to read other related posts to the topics mentioned. For example, if you want to know everything about Tomb of the Lost Queen, I may have written about it or mentioned it in the past posts, so by clicking on "Tomb of the Lost Queen" (as seen highlighted below in the picture) all posts that were tagged with this subject will come up. It makes searching for past posts easier.

Give it a try! Perhaps you are silly like me and want to search every post I wrote about buttons. So you would click on "buttons" and voila! Well then, you would only get one post. >_<

Twitter quote contest is today!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

I guess adding tags would make it easier. I did notice the new buttons on the Herinteractive page. It looks very nice. Hey,didn't you have a visitor coming today?

From me,

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the store, so when your're making the pillowcase, does the pic take up the whole pillow case?