Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Game Question and Puzzle Answer

It's another late night, and I'm archive digging. It's kind of like treasure hunting...Nancy Drew games style. Like yesterday's post, I never know what exciting things I am about to come across. I was just as excited as you all were about finding that concept art for Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

Now I have come across something familiar, and no, it is not new, but I wanted to see if you could recognize where this cartoon is from:

Can you name the game where this popcorn man appears?

Oh! I nearly forgot! The winner for the Weekend Puzzle Contest is Britnie J. from Texas! Congrats sleuth! Here is the solution to the puzzle:

If H=RAN, A=SAW and TMB= N, then choose TOT [means that the letters in this string, HRIATMN would represent a game, going in order. RAN is game #20, so R would be #21, and I would be #22 and so on.] The letter you need is [I]. Apply this logic to the last slide at the bottom of the puzzle. You should get [D].

Shift the # of Hardy boys [move 2 spaces in the only direction you can].

Slide Quatro [this means 4] in the only direction that lets you move this many You'll get [S].

Left, middle, right. The one CRY is to ICE and VEN. [CRY is the middle, between ICE and VEN]. This means to slide [to the center letter = U]

Slide #MHM [Message in a Haunted Mansion is game #3. Move this many in the direction that has enough letters to do so].

Nancy’s __#__ case was SSH. Slide this many. [Secret of the Scarlet Hand is game #6]. Slide [6 spaces].

Pull left #STFD. [Stay Tuned for Danger is game #2]. You'll get [O].

Slide % (this number on your keyboard). The percentage sign is [on the number 5 key]. The letter you slide to is [C].

C=Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow, Black = ?. In printing terms, these are the colors that you use, and Black is represented with the letter [K]. You can learn more about print colors in The Haunting of Castle Malloy.

“D” on the phone = #?. Move this many. Just like in Secrets Can Kill, you need to take a look at a phone number pad to find the letter D, it's on [button number 3]. Slide this many in the direction you can to get [E].

Voila! Once you have all of the letters in the vertical box, it shall read [It's Unlocked]. Haha, I thought that was funny. ;-) Well done sleuths! It's looks like many of you got it. Congrats, perhaps we'll have more contests in the upcoming weekend puzzles. ;)

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I've played a Nancy Drew game, but I'm going to guess and say Mr. Popcorn Man appeared in the Final Scene? :)

Future HeR Animator said...

He's from The Final Scene! And reappears in SCK2! :D :D wow, complex puzzle! Congrats Brittnie!

Anonymous said...

It is from The Final Scene!

Haley Bug said...

FIN! I have seen him 1,000,000 times in that game!

Amy M. said...

Cool blog! I'm not sure where that popcorn guy is...??? Anyway, Will the next Weekend puzzle have a prize be Koko Kringles? :)

Britnie J. said...

Thank you very much Herinteractive! Keep up the great work; I love all your games and puzzles! :D Not to sound picky though, but my last initial is J, not L, but I know Little Jackalope is super busy, so it’s ok! ;D

The picture is from the fifth game, The Final Scene! It’s from a projection slide you find in Joseph’s area. I remember it also had a caption that said something like, “Let’s Go Out to the Lobby,” or something along those lines.

ILUVNANCY!!! said...

The popcorn man is from the Final Scene I've played it around five times.

Anonymous said...

I know! The final sean!!! (: Sorry if i spelled that roung. That too. :P From ND GEEK

Anonymous said...

The final scene! It's a slide in the projector room! The final scene is one of my fave Nancy Drews' :) Keep making awesome games!!!!
Your biggest fan,

Anonymous said...

YEAH! I was right.I love it when it's a contest. Not so much for winning,but to know I', working up to something. It makes me feel god. Thanks Little Jackalope.

From me,

P.S.I have never seen the pop-corn guy.I must've not played that game yet.

Rachel Nicole said...

Is it from The Final Scene? XD

Little Jackalope said...

Whoops! Good catch Britnie! (I knew it was "J", my typo. *Edited*.

And you are all correct about popcorn man! He is from The Final Scene.

Britnie J. said...

@ Future HeR Animator

Thank you very much! You are very kind! ^_^

Britnie J. said...

@ Little Jackalope

That’s all right! I appreciate you fixing it though! :D