Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wind in Our Hair

We couldn't be more proud of this launch! I mean just check out the homepage. If you've played TOT, you should post your own review of Nancy's latest case. We'd love to hear all about your first impressions. I mean you've been waiting months and months for this, was it all you hoped? Has the twister absolutely 'blown' you away? or is the storm a little lackluster? Post on the boards or send us your email at

Weekly update time! Courtesy of everyone's favorite Nancy Drew writer, Nik. He may have tensed a little when I stopped by for the scoop, but it looks like he's got some fun stuff going on.

- Blurb of the Week -

Normally I’d hint at secret projects I know we can’t discuss, but this week I’ve actually been doing more than re-arranging the toy collection on my desk [ i.e. his ‘secret project’. ] Most famously, I finished up the last post for Pete’s Blog, but I’ve also been working on stuff for ND23. I helped re-record some dialogue and spent a good deal of time writing the 2nd chance descriptions for the game. So… “Good News: ND23 is going to have really awesome writing. Bad News: It isn’t actually written yet, so awesome might become more of a ‘relative’ term.”


Sounds pretty exciting. 'Course I'm still living it up in Oklahoma. Tomorrow's guaranteed to be puzzle-rific.... aaaaand we've got a long weekend to follow. How awesome!

- Novel -

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