Monday, July 19, 2010

The School of Casual

It looks like we’re starting Monday with some off-site activity! This week we’ve got conferences and discussion panels to see at Casual Connect. It’s a pretty hip industry event that focuses heavily on causal games and gamers, and it’s being held right here in Seattle. Some of you might be familiar with our offerings in the “casual” category (i.e. Nancy Drew Dossier) and we’d be hard-pressed to pass up an opportunity to learn more and share our own experiences with others. This event allows us to discover all sorts of new things about the casual market including new distribution methods, new platforms, and even new design techniques. It all adds up to more awesome Nancy Drew Adventures! I’m thrilled that we’re able to attend. ^.~

The puzzles have taken interesting turns. It doesn’t look like either has been pinned down just yet, but mayhaps we can change that (one at a time though.)

- Puzzle 62 hint -

If the right side has the keys, then the left holds the ciphers. Just don't forget what you already know.


More hints tomorrow, plus we'll see what other interesting information we can dig up around the office. See you soon!

- Novel (9i)

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