Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Frame Rates

There was some discussion of animation and how smooth and elegant technology makes it seem these days. In our games we work really hard to create life-like motion and realistic effects. Sometimes we succeed. And sometimes it doesn't look completely right. There are a few terms for this, Uncanny Valley, being the 'Big Kahuna' (for character animation.) I'd say we tend to progress forward with our techniques in each passing caper (TOT does have some very slick-looking effects). But don't think of animation as just characters, there's also keen special effects, and object motions, as well as visual elements like snazzy openings and closings. Our artist do wonders, let me tell ya.

Of course our kindly debate focused a lot on noticing the small details and fluidity of animation. Also... I was totally wrong in the discussion... :P

Here's your midweek photo, secretly snapped at an unsuspecting co-workers desk.

- Pic of the Week -
Packages are always appreciated! Particularly when they are this grand. A local printing company made this for our lovely Marketing Producer, Jess. It has sooo many layers; boxes in boxes in boxes. What did it contain in the end? What else, chocolate!

Clues for a puzzle? Yes please!
- Puzzle 61 Hint -

You've gone most of the way, but the final answer is still missing. You'll find it by creating three words, one for each of the three lines.


We'll have a good post early tomorrow. Be sure to stop by and check out the action! It'll be delicious... in its verbal content at least.


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