Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leading The Day

Mid-week wackiness is at hand! It must be that golden sunshine peeking in. We're ready to take flight I tell ya. After months of stormy weather (TOT art) I think everyone is looking for a touch of sun. Ahh well, I stood in the office long enough to grab this snapshot:

The artists can't help but find excuses to draw tasty treats. Though birthdays should come complete with the real deal. Let's hope someone actually showed up with baked goods (editor's note: someone did).

Hint time! Now presented in "rhyming-riddle-form"
- Puzzle 62 Hint -

The order is the order that stands.
Decode the letters only thrice,
And we'll stop to clap our hands
For taking such sound advice.

Remember 'three keys on the right'
and you'll have all the steps you need.
Cipher and key, sitting in plain sight,
put them together and you'll definitely succeed.


More sly behavior, huh? I'm at a loss, but what can you make of it?!

I'm thinking maybe a few more twists and turns to this week. What have you been eagerly awaiting?

- Novel -

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