Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today was a hefty mail day... contest entries, magazines, office goodies. Many HI workers send packages here, for convenience-sake, I suppose. It does make for some interesting times though; lots of cool books and toys show up randomly. Every now and then it feels a little like Christmas, what with all the mystyery boxes being handed about.

Of course sometimes we do order things for the office, like say more games for our back catalog...

- That's a whole lot of mystery! -

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon is a pretty popular title, so it's no surprise that we'd have a veritable tower of them in the office.

Puzzle 64 has been solved! That's right, you all performed magnificently! I'll spill the goods tomorrow though, cause I think I hear the sun calling. Toodles~ ^.^

- Novel (6) -

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