Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mysteries Are Our Business

I'm wondering where Monday went to. My absence apparently carried over to the blog. Sometimes my lovely assistant (err... manager) likes to take over when I'm missing, but she found herself buried in the continued cloud coverage (i.e. Trail of the Twister launch). Busy is as busy does... She's pressing the new mysteries as we speak, eager to follow up the recent Nancy Drew adventure. We're bursting at the seams with ideas here. I only hope you're up to taking on more exciting cases!

Don't forget that we started a new contest last week! I've already gotten to read a few entries and I'm hankering for seconds. So send them in already. :P

Hot dog, puzzle 61 is done! It looks like it was solved pretty soundly, though I really enjoyed the theorizing.

- Puzzle 61 Answer -

To solve this puzzle you have to use a [ Vigenere cipher .] To break the code you need a key word. The hint is your clue; use [ easy as one two three ] as the key.

You can then decipher the text as follows:

Edison used bamboo and platinum
Daguerre used silver and chloride
Shakespeare's witches used eyes of newt and toe of frog

Each of these lines describes a particular thing... the first is
[ Edison's light bulb ], the second line,[ Daguerre made the camera ] and lastly [ the witches in Shakespeare's play made curses ]. Put them together and you get:

[ Lights, Camera, Curses! ]


As believed, it is in fact the special. I think the marketing department strives to get that in at least once a month. Ah well, at least designer Ben seems to be dealing with it pretty handily. We'll hint at 62 early tomorrow. ^.~

- Novel -

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Hey Novel, I was just wondering what your job at HeR is anyway? Thanks!