Friday, July 2, 2010

Six and One (or Half-a-dozen plus)

The first TOT weekend... and it's a holiday. Bonus! Get comfortable in those chairs, cause you've got some mysteries to solve. If you're not already racing across the plains, we've got a weekend puzzle to help keep the cranium breathin'.

- Puzzle 61 -

Idaqof ifiw xofifs erd hjalwayf
Zozbvvvi ukcd kwyzxn ogk tlpsrabe
Kvnoxodxhii'w ailahwg hwxz srlj sj reor afr gsx kt yyfk

Hint: The key is easy as one two three


Good luck! And everyone have a safe and happy Fourth!
Cya on Tuesday, I'm outta here.

- Novel -


Anonymous said...

Novel, do you know in what month SCK Remastered will be released?
Please reply.

Firewing3333 said...

Hi Novel! This isn't related to the puzzle, but I had a question about game animating and other things relating to animation. I was wondering, is there anyone at HER I can email my questions to?

Novel_Sleuth said...

@anon - Ya know, they've kept a pretty tight lip on the SCK Remastered release date. So currently I've got no news regarding its release, sorry. :( I imagine we'll hear something soon (maybe in a newsletter...)

@firewing3333 - there totally is! You can email with your questions and they will gladly pass it on to one of our artists to answer. It might take a few days to get a response, but trust when I say that they love this stuff! ^.^

- Novel -