Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tomorrow's News Yesterday

Did you see the newsletter yet? It's absolutely brimming with good knowledge. I know we've just handed you TOT, and I hope your still living it up in the Dust Bowl, but we've got to keep rolling along. Don't fret though, there's plenty of time to solve every case. ^.~

Looks like the office is still feeling the crazy from launching TOT, but there was someone willing to give me a quote for today. Let's see what our "jack-of-all-trades" Office Admin Ben has to say for this week.

- Blurb of the Week -
This week has continued the trend of "Post-TOT Action." I've got tech support questions and orders burying my inbox. I'm handling it, but I've also been put in charge of receiving NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) for some future ND projects. Of course there must be time for the serious missions; Stocking snacks, helping with puzzles for the blog. Oh, and let us not forget the job of "keeping it real"... which we've been doing all week long.

Interesting... to say the least. I'm sure "future ND projects" will become less nebulous in the future, right? Gah, spoiler-free content is just so not fun. >.<

The puzzle 62 thread seems to be heading in the right direction, but can it succeed before tomorrow's next brain-bender? I'm on pins and needles!

- Novel -

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