Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do You Nancy Drew? (The Contest)

Being a super sleuth is tough work! Nancy’s solved hundreds of cases and even more puzzles. She often uses many conventional crime solving techniques to catch culprits in the act. Interviewing suspects, analyzing clues, and even her trusty magnifying glass can be a big help in the most confusing mystery. While you may not have all the gadgets or the blue convertible roadster, you use many of the same crime-fighting abilities as Nancy; attention to detail, snooping, and deduction. We want to hear your stories of sleuthing!

Entry rules:
To enter you need to write us with what you think is the most important skill or attribute a detective can have and then tell us about a time when you used it to solve a mystery in real life!

• Entries must be at least 100 words but no more than 1000 (~2 pages)
• Only one entry per contestant will be judged.
• Entries must be received before August 2nd.
• This contest is open to everyone.

The winners will get their photo in a Nancy Drew game and their story will be posted on the Amateur Sleuth blog!!! Submissions will be accepted until August 2nd.

Email us your stories at along with your name, phone number, email address, and permission to post your entry online, with the subject line "Be Nancy Drew Contest." If you need to mail us a physical copy of your entry, please use the following address:

“DIY Nancy Drew” Contest
c/o Her Interactive
1150 114th Ave. SE, Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98004

Be sure to also include your contact information with your submission. Any entry sent through the postal system must be received by August 2nd so make sure you mail in your entry early. Winners will be individually contacted upon completion of the contest. We will post the winning entries as well as a few of our favorites on the Amateur Sleuth blog at the completion of the contest.

Good luck to everyone!


Megan said...

I would love to enter, but I have a 2 questions:

1. If (by a miricle) I won, is there any way I can avoid having my picture in a game?

2. Can the real life event be anything? Such as tracking something down on the web?

Thank you!

KirstieBerg said...

Is there an age limit (upper or lower) to entry?

Anonymous said...

Hi Novel! Wanted to tell you how much I love your contests, and I hope you will pass it on to the others at HeR. :) It's always so much fun, and I can't wait to start writing! *fingers crossed* I hope there will be many more contests to come! ^.^

Anonymous said...

wow so cool

Darienne Rose said...

Could me and my friend enter together, as one entry, but if we win, can you accept a pic with 2 people?

tim said...

Hi Novel! I have a question, how many winners will there be? You didn't cover that in your post!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

How long does it take for a confirmation email, Nolel? Thx

Tim said...

Hey Novel! I was just wondering weter mine got through to HeR, I get easily paranoid by these sort of things, you said you've read some, so for identification, mine is about echidna kid. Thanks!
P.S: Do you send out confirmation emails for this contest? Cause' if you do, I don't yet have one! Thanks again!

Novel_Sleuth said...

So many questions, so many answers!

@Megan – I totally think you should enter. As for your questions;
1. I think so. You can win and forfeit your prize if you so chose.
2. Yeah, I don’t see why not. It’s about the spirit of Nancy, which includes sleuthing and snooping and puzzle solving. Tracking something down on the web definitely counts!

@KirstieBerg – Not at all. The contest is open to all ages.

@anon – Thank you very much for the praise. We love doing this kind of thing for everyone! Contests are a lot of fun for us as well. As long as you keep participating, we’ll keep running them!

@anon – I know right!

@Darienne Rose – If you and your friend enter as one, I think I can convince the art team to allow a picture with the two of you in it. Besides, how cool would that be!

@tim – Oh man I can’t believe I didn’t cover that! There will be exactly two winners for this contest. And let me tell you, picking only two is going to be some tough work. ^.~

@anon – We sure hope so, though you’ve got the best part! Creating is my favorite step in any contest. :P

@anon – maybe a couple of days, our webmaster gets backed up sometimes. I imagine you’ll be seeing one any moment now.

@tim – hello again! I’m pretty sure we got it, but you should be seeing a confirmation email any day now. Sometimes it takes a bit for our webmaster to get through all of them. He wears a few hats about the office so email processing might take a bit longer than expected.

Thanks for all the questions!

- Novel -

L.A.Girl1 said...

How do you email it with permission to post online? Do you just say you do or what?

ihavewonthemall said...

I have a question, if you lose, will you be notified? Or do you only get notified if you win?

I hope the best story wins! And keep up all the amazing contests!:)


Anonymous said...

Hi if you win can you decline having your picture taken but still have your story posted on the blog? Thanks!