Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekend Puzzle #207

A few things to announce today: We are having a Book Lover's Day sale (today only) for one of our all-time favorite titles, The Secret of Shadow Ranch! It's a super good deal (like $5 or $7.50 for the game) and if head over to our Facebook Page, you can get the secret code for this sale. It's a great game to play while waiting for The Silent Spy.
Writing the

Here is your weekend puzzle (concerning SPY)!
script for

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! I will be working on finishing my play-through of SPY...yay!
the trailer.
~Little Jackalope~


Amy M. said...

Just solved it! Not who they seem? What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

"Not who they seem"

Now that sounds very cryptic.I really wonder who "they" are, and how they differ from what one thinks they are...Can't wait for SPY to find out! :)

Katie said...

Whee, the trailer! ;)

Anonymous said...

"Not who they seem." Hmmm... Wonder what this means. Does it mean that the spy organization that seems to have contacted Nancy is not who they seem from the preview? Or maybe they're not who they seem to Nancy at first in the game? Is it a reference to the characters not being who they seem? (Though, they seldom are!) I can't to play this game!

Courtney Johnson said...

Not who they seem? I'VE GOT IT! Ned must be Moriarty! *facepalm* It's all coming together now! No wonder Nancy is constantly surrounded by mysteries! Ned's been orchestrating everything!

Anonymous said...

Writing the script for the trailer!!!! yay! I'm sooooo excited for this game! Please hurry!

Anonymous said...

Not what they seem?

Zanna said...

Signal flags for a ship.
Spells out: Not Who They Seem. Also, the last flag (M) is also Scotland's flag, and The Silent Spy takes place in Glasgow. That's all I got.

Anonymous said...

Yay,the trailer script!That's awesome!
I've been thinking about the word cathedral and I had an idea earlier.Could cathedral be a person?
Also,I'm starting to think the silent spy is either Carson Drew or Dylan Carter.
Are either of these theories correct or...close?

Anonymous said...

The answer to this riddle is NOT WHO THEY SEEM!!!!!!

Future HeR Animator said...

ThE sCrIpT fOr ThE tRaIleR?!:D If my sister wasn't asleep, I would have screamed!!:D and I still might! Ah, all this talk about SPY, it's making me so excited:D
Interesting puzzle answer too....

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: "Not who thy seem"?

Andruxius said...

hhhm, and another hidden message here:

"Writing the script for the trailer"
So, will there be another trailer coming up soon? Maybe within "two more Mondays and Fridays" ?
Can't wait!!!

Oh, and the solution for the weekend puzzle is:
"Not who they seem"

Now, who are "they" and what are they REALLY like, if they're not what they seem ??? Very hard to find out right now...

ILUVNANCY!!! said...

Not who they seem... Hmmm what does that mean?

Zanna said...

Wait, I got an idea: what if "not who they seem" is referring to the fact that we all think the game is going to have
Nancy's mom in it/be about what happened to her, when in fact Kate Drew is Nancy's long-lost older sister, named after
their mom, and also a detective. Many years ago, while on holiday in Scotland, the Drew vehicle was run off the road
by an enemy of Mr. Drew, who was at this time an evil Russian spy who had recently double-crossed some of his dastardly
cohorts. This caused a severe crash that killed Mrs. Drew, and left both Carson and Nancy seriously injured. Another
motorist reported the accident, and Carson and Nancy, both unconscious, were rushed to the hospital. Mr.Drew recovered
within a weeks time, and immediately began searching for his elder daughter, only to find that she had disappeared
before the arrival of the emergency workers at the scene of the accident. After a few weeks of searching, he received
a message from an unknown enemy which contained convincing proof that little Kate was gone forever.

Zanna said...

Meanwhile, Nancy
had suffered a bad head injury that caused some severe memory loss. (The first in a long line of head injuries for our
favorite detective.) After weeks of therapy, young Nancy was able to remember her mother and father again, but not her
sister. Carson chose not to try reminding her at this time, since she was already devastated by the loss of her mother,
and Kate Jr. was gone anyway. Tortured by guilt, and seeing the error of his ways, Carson chooses to change his accent
and come to America, the land of opportunity, and become a criminal lawyer to make up for the damage he has done in the
world. To further cover his tracks and build a golden reputation, he very deliberately raises his remaining daughter to
be a public servant of sorts, with a deep-rooted desire to help others whenever she can. After secretly carrying the
burden of this strange tale that has lurked in the depths of his guilt-riddled soul all this time, and planning on telling
Nancy all about it "when she's older", there came a day when Nancy had reached 18+83 years of age, and Carson felt that
Nancy was finally ready to know the truth. But after hiding the truth about his past for so long, he can't just tell her
over a pot of coffee or anything. No, the revelation of such a life is going to require cunning, drama, and a
voice-disguised telephone call in the middle of the night. All of this is to lead Nancy on a scavenger hunt of sorts,
allowing her to discover all the facts of the case without Carson ever having to admit to her his faults in the matter.
Of course she'll find out all about that eventually, but Carson doesn't want to think about that right now. He wishes
to remain THE SILENT SPY.

Zanna said...

However, unbeknownst to Carson, Kate Jr. was actually kept alive by her kidnappers, in hopes that they could get some
sort of secret information from Carson. But since Carson was in the hospital for a week after the accident, he never
received any of the ransom notes. All he ever saw was the message about Kate being gone. Once he was released from the
hospital, he immediately began searching for his missing daughter, causing the kidnappers to panic. To avoid getting
caught, they quickly gave up the ransom idea and chose to just "get rid of the evidence" as quickly as possible. So they
left little Kate on the doorstep of a nearby CATHEDRAL and high-tailed it out of Glasgow, back to Russia. Kate was found
at the cathedral by a priest, who took her to a local orphanage run by nuns. They adopted and raised Kate, teaching her
to always put the needs of others before her own-much like how Nancy was brought up. And, much like Nancy, she had an
inborn passion for solving mysteries and being involved with danger, crimes and intrigue. -Thanks for the inheritance,
Dad!- Because Kate is older than Nancy, she is smarter, faster, prettier, wiser, etc. (it's an older sibling thing. But
don't feel bad for Nancy; she's younger, daring-er, wittier, and sassier.) Anyway, because of all of this, Kate already
knows all about Nancy, and is expecting her arrival in Glasgow anytime now. Or should I say, on October 15th, 2013. Watch
out, World!

Kendache said...

"Not who they seem" =O Very interesting...

Anonymous said...

Great puzzle, LJ:) I can hardly wait for the silent spy!

Ann said...

Really cool puzzle - thanks! :) Had fun decoding it and the answer is very intriguing! :)

I love Secret at Shadow Ranch - one of my favorites definitely! :) I'm ready to play it again! :D

Thanks, Little Jackalope, and hope you're having a fantastic weekend also! :)

Anonymous said...

//Crafty LJ, very crafty ;) but im confused, "not who they seem" now how does that hint us tward SPY...

RK said...

Dear "Little Jackalope"
My children enjoy your puzzles very much and are always looking forward to the new Nancy Drew games. Sometimes you include youtube videos on this blog, that show related videos at the end. I am very careful about what sites my children can see and don't want them to visit random youtube videos that you have not published. It is possible when embedding a youtube video to fix the code so that the related videos don't show up at the end. I would be very grateful if you would look into this option.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Writing the script for the trailer!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the trailer. It always gets me so excited for the game.

Abigail Bernstein said...

really, LJ?!?!?!?!? then we'll get to seen it soon right?

Little Jackalope said...

@Rachel - Unfortunately, we have no control of how YouTube displays their other videos over ours or what ads overlay them. :(

@Everyone -- The trailer design is only just getting started, it will be awhile before more interesting news about it's release is.

ND's #1 fan said...

@Zanna- Never thought of it like that before! Great theory! ;)

Courtney Johnson said...

Zanna, that was brilliant. Please write fanfiction. Please. :)

Marissa Wagler said...

Could cathedral be an code? Like perhaps each letter stands for a person in this group? I've noticed that there is a culprit for every letter that was highlighted in red for the cathedral puzzle...intriguing :)