Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thinking Secrets Aloud...

Well, my oh my, sounds like I missed the excitement of the message board discussion concerning the secret messages! Something is supposed to happen those days, too, but I forget. Perhaps I should re-check our top-secret, maybe I'll remind myself later. Oh! I should pry get to work on some more snooping stuff..maybe you'd like that, eh?

So is this blog post today making any sense to you, yet? Or am I simply thinking aloud?

Let's get to the point. And two more Mondays.
There it is.

Today we have a Facebook sale going on for Danger on Deception Island! It's a super great deal, too. $5 or $7.50 for a great game if you go to our Facebook page to get the secret code to use at checkout.

I love this game!


~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

I downloaded and playing DDI! I'm taking a break now but I played this game with a friend and now I am re-playing it! So far, no spoilers for me!

I am so excited for SPY! Can't wait to hear more news about this game! :)
- MD12

Norwegian Dancer said...

Hey, LJ -- I had a TOT moment over the past 24 hours; and yes, it revolves around the weather. Last night, about 12:00 to 12:30 AM, a lightning and thunderstorm of epic proportions descended upon Wisconsin. This storm had high winds that classified it as an F2 tornado, even though there wasn't really a funnel. The winds knocked down a towering tree in my backyard that grazed the house and demolished our old swing set. I plan to add this terrible storm to my list of Nancy Drew Moments, even though it was pretty scary. I also have a strange urge to play TOT...

Anonymous said...

So, two more Fridays, and two more Mondays,

I can't wait for the silent spy to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ND's #1 fan said...

Ha! We're on your trail, LJ! Two more mondays, too! hmm, wonder what hints you're going to tell us next! ;) And thank you so much for the birthday shoutout! I had such a fun time at my ND themed party (I think I may have made one or two more nancy drew converts too lol) :)
AND I got STFD and CAP today, too! I'm so excited because I wanted STFD sooooooooooooooooooooo bad! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow lol :D

Hannah said...

Aaaand we're back to highlighting every message Little Jackalope posts again. Anxiously awaiting the release of the latest game! LOL

"Two more Monday's" until WHAT?! The trailer release?!??

Oh and I was SO hoping that chart you posted last time (for the pre-order and store dates and all) was going to include these important dates:

But you probably don't even know those dates yourself do you? *SIGH*

Anonymous said...

Eek! It was so exciting to see my birthday on your post! Thank you SO much, LJ! It's beautiful and I really appreciate it!!


Marissa Wagler said...

Crafty crafty LJ! Another hidden message! Two more mondays? Does that mean we are getting another announcement in two Fridays, and in two Mondays? Perhaps the cover art, or the color scheme? Hopefully the game page will be up with the character bios :)

EKG1000 said...

Two more Mondays???
Noooo I must know what this
mwahahaha I will figure you
out LJ!!! ok probably not,
oh well, still, mwahahaha. lol

William D said...

I would VERY much like you to do more digging. The Silent Fans Await. XD XD

NDfan4ever said...

I've played almost every ND game (Including dossier)
except ghost dogs of moon lake, the crystal skull, ransom of the seven ships, and ghost of thornton hall.