Thursday, August 22, 2013

Music for Mysteries: Volume 5

I bet you weren't expected this, but here's what I've been hinting at this past week:

Now the music collection is complete! You can now order this music on our site! I'm looking forward to The Silent Spy's soundtrack in the future, now.

Check it out! We interviewed our very own Producer, Rob! I think he's tried some pretty crazy foods in his time!

Also, I'm afraid I'm going to have to tone down the amount of shout-outs I post. There have been a lot of requests lately, so I'm only taking birthday shout-outs in the future. Good luck to everyone going into school soon!
~Little Jackalope~


Nadi said...

In response to your comment, thanks for the scientific and totally laughable response… Awesomastic terrification!

Hannah said...

Awww no bloopers after that one! :(

I really like Rob... most American's prefer coffee instead of tea. Being Irish our family can totally relate to him!

Do all Her Interactive staff like to play board games?? I think that is THE REAL question!

William D said...

Just the music? All my hopes and dreams have been shattered DX (lol) Anyways, I wish I could get them, I also wish I could check for a hidden message, but I am unable to.... Tell us when o-o

Anonymous said...

Hey LJ! My birthday is next Tuesday and I was wondering if you could add it to your calender! It'd mean the world to me! My name is Clayton, fyi!

Anonymous said...

This is Clayton again, I'm 14 too! I forgot to tell you!

Olivia said...

How do you request a shout out? I was going to ask, because my 24th birthday is on Sunday. But maybe next year. :)

Anonymous said...

YAY for the music!! :D The scores for the games are some of my favourites. :D

Quick question... I tried to find a way to be notified by email every time there's a new post here, but I can't seem to find a way to do that. Am I missing something, or is that not a possibility?