Monday, August 12, 2013

Schrödinger's Birthday

Wow, late posting today could mean only one thing at this time: I am working on something very important today.

Did you know that today was Erwin Schrödinger's birthday? I bet some of you have blank or curious looks on your face right now. Schrödinger was a physicist best known for his interpretation of quantum mechanics. Anyways, his cat and box theory was sketched on the whiteboard in The Deadly Device in the security booth.

In honor of this, we have a great sale going on today only. Visit our Facebook page to find the secret code to get The Deadly Device for 50% off (digital or physical). That's a $10 game.

Be free, Schrödinger's cat, be free! Live your life!

Oh! The weekend puzzle was displayed as maritime flags. Decode the flags correctly and you get ["Not who they seem"] referring to something about The Silent Spy.

~Little Jackalope~


ND's #1 fan said...

LJ, I got your secret message in the post! So you were working on something very important about SPY, hmmm.

William D said...

So you were working on something important dealing with the silent spy.... ( Somthing very imPortant TodaY) trailer script, maybe? I would love to get more sneak peaks ;) run while you can cat! (Hide your Jackalopes, LJ, he may try to use them instead ) I really can't wait until that trailer comes out :D

Nadi said...

'Not who they see'?

RK said...

Dear "Little Jackalope",
Yes, it IS possible when embedding a youtube video in your blog to "turn off" the related video links at the end. There are a few sites with easy instructions:

This is important on a blog that is meant for children.

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

SPY!!!!!! Maybe the cover art? I sure hope so. I've been waiting SO long for the cover art. That is my favorite part of the countdown of any NANCY DREW PC game. Come on c-art!!!!!