Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Playing Ghost of Thornton Hall

Don't worry! I'm not going to give any spoilers if you haven't played the game yet. (I've started playing the game again at home). XD Ghost of Thornton Hall is downloading onto computers everywhere, and I've seen some questions come in about when the physical game ships to those who ordered this version. There are a few things to keep in mind about the physical shipments:

  • We ship the games out from Minnesota (so that determines how far it takes for it to reach your home).
  • Shipping option: At checkout you are given different shipping options for how fast you would like it to arrive. If you chose 'Next Day' delivery, the game would ship out ASAP and you should receive it in 1-2 days after we release it.
  • For more information about shipping and ordering click here.
It looks like one of our fans followed our advise to "dress up" for playing a new scary game! Check out these gorgeous nail designs!


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~Little Jackalope~


Rachel Nicole said...

Oh, gosh! That must be the reason why we got ours the day it came out! (we live in Wisconsin) I was wondering why it came so fast!

I hope to start it with my brother tonight. Woot!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the shoutout, LJ!!! It's gorgeous!! You are the best!! I'm working my tailend off to get another $5 so that I can still preorder the download!!!

Thanks again!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't I have enough patience to make that model! heheh but it's awesome!!

Katie said...

OH MY GOSH.... I just saw the teaser trailer for ND#29, and it looks outstanding! I won't spoil the secret for anyone else, but all I'll say is that I'm really surprised, and it looks like the best story line yet for a Nancy Drew game!!!! I sure hope it comes out in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much JL for the info!! =) It's my sister's birthday on the 10th and I was wondering if you could give her a shout out? She is turning 19 and her name is Kira! :) Do you think you could write it in lime green if possible? That's her fav color! Her and I love playing ND games together and our fav is SAW! :) But that just might change once I play GTH! lol


Anonymous said...

Hey LJ are y'all gonna do another text challenge or contest anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I hope mine comes soon! I keep checking the package tracker, and it's in Indiana now. I have no idea what it's doing there, since I live in Minnesota and the game ships from Minnesota. I really would have thought it would have come by now, and I'm dying to start it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm super exited!!! I have my bonus edition Ghost of Thorton hall just got it like 5 minutes ago. the shipping was realy fast.:)