Monday, May 13, 2013

Last Day to Pre-Order!

Ok everyone! If you really wanted a BONUS EDITION of Ghost of Thornton Hall, tonight's your last chance to order it (the digital download version only since the physical version sold out a while ago. However, the STANDARD physical game is available for purchase on our site).

Many fans have already played through the game, and those who are awaiting the STANDARD EDITION's release in stores will only have to wait one more night, because it releases in retail tomorrow!! Whoo-hoo! (We will surely be celebrating this festive occasion in the office.)

Anyways, here's the solution to last weekend's puzzle:
This is a similar puzzle to one in Warnings at Waverly Academy. Start by [reading the words in a spiral (clock-wise) direction, beginning with the very center letter (H).] When you read it correctly, you get this: [Have you found any Easter Eggs?] referring to inside GTH.

Also, we have birthdays to celebrate!

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

I already downloaded my game but tomorrow is still a big day for me. My birthday's tomorrow! Isn't that crazy? When I found out that May 14th was the official release date, I flipped! I'm going to pretend that that special celebration you're having in the office is just for me. XD Anyway, can I have a birthday shout-out please LJ? Thanks!

Future HeR Animator said...

Finding Eggs never crossed my mind...I was too busy being scared. ;)

:0 Jackalope You are the sweetest thing!!! That shout out made my 16th even better!! Thank you so much, I love that camera you added:) That just makes me so happy!! *hugs and cookies*
I still have two gifts coming in that my Mom ordered late so I don't know what they are, (hoping one of them is a Koko mug!) but so far my favorite gift is a bag made out of material that looks like vintage ND books! It's the cutest thing!

Happy birthday Erin and Shaelyn!! :D hope they were awesome!

Anonymous said...

Did the emails for the mask contest go out already?


Anonymous said...

I saw GHT in Target yesterday!

From me,

Little Jackalope said...

@~JOY77 -- Nope, we announce the winners for the masks on Friday the 17th. :)

Anonymous said...

I finished playing the game a few days ago. It was amazing. I can't wait to get 29!