Monday, March 7, 2011

The Build of a Climax

There' s a bit of a lull during this time in the office, being in between games and all, but we at Her Interactive are anticipating the rush of a million tasks that will jump out of the dark and say "attack"! Yep, we love a good build-up in game production.

Many good stories have good build-ups and climaxes that take our breath away and leave us asking for more after the story ends, it's what makes it so exciting. I remember reading a few Nancy Drew books where I'm anticipating the part where she gets caught in a suspenceful, thrilling chapter where she is snooping somewhere she shouldn't be, or is about to discover the final clue that would crack the case wide open. It's those moments I immerse myself into the story for, and it's also fun to live those moments, when we build up to the climax. I'm sure you all love the climax too, that is, when a new game comes out. We are currently working on the begining of the build-up, making sure our ducks are in a row and preparing to release them one-by-one. Keep a weather eye on the horizon! The build-up will eventually begin in front of your eyes.

Hooray for the sleuths who solved the weekend puzzle! This one was an easy one, of course.
First you [Find the character's corresponding first or last name.] Here's their correct names: [Foxworthy’s First = Emily (MHM)
Dave’s Last =
Gregory (SHA)
John’s (glasses) Last =
Grey (TRN)
Joon’s First =
Sonny (SSH)
Randall’s First=
Ollie (ICE)
Ned’s Last =
Woodham’s First =
Savannah (SAW)
Butterly’s First =
Hugo (DAN)
Eustacia’s Last =
Andropov (FIN)
Donal’s Last =
Delany (HAU)
Spayder’s First =
Owen (STD)
Lillian’s Last =
Weiss (STD)
Joanna (striped shirt)’s Last =
Riggs (SSH)
Richard’s (scientist) Last =
Aiken (CRE)
Falcone’s First = Nick or Nicholas (FIN)
Elliot’s Last =
Chen (CAR)
Rachel’s Last = Hubbard (WAC)
] And you take those name's [first letter to create this sentence: Eggs on Shadow Ranch] Ta-da!

Keep it real!
~Little Jackalope~

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