Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Focus and Mulit-tasking

Something odd about our weather (rain-sun-wind-rain-repeat, in one day) must be making everyone in the office sneeze. Just a ponder.

It's been a day of reading reviews (yes, we do a lot of this reading), and catching up on some smaller, yet important tasks. For instance: I've been trucking away on some Secrets Can Kill Remastered and Shadow At the Water's Edge art pieces for some web sites that need thumbnails, screenshots, box shots and the like. Making sure each image is the right size and format requires good focus, a trait also very important to solving a case (and determining the correct culprit).

Some workers here at HI are good at focusing on one project at a time, while others (like me) work better when working on two or more at a time. I find it fascinating how Nancy can take every aspect of a case and connect its dots to make sense of all random thoughts, clues, and twists, making everything connect. She seems to think and focus on everything often at once, which is necessary, definitely a multi-tasker and multi-thinker!

The office is working on a new 3D puzzle! Here's the base:

Keep it real, savvy?
~Little Jackalope~

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