Thursday, March 3, 2011

Characters in Production

I had a nice chat with our Character Designer today. He's been working on some cool new concepts and a few of his characters have already been sent to get all rigged up (after going 3D they get joints and such so that the animators can move them). I'm excited to see the results of their work! It's also pretty amazing how fast and early a lot of the work here gets done, while some people are working on the finishing touches of a project, some are already working on the next. Ah, the cycle of production!

The office kitchen puzzle that we are working on is coming rather slow, and no, it is not a castle. It is (like a few of you so cleverly figured out) the Notre Dame cathedral from Paris. It makes me think of Danger by Design, although we didn't get to visit it in the game. We love cool architecture. :)

For those of you following the Nancy Drew Radio Mysteries, the 4th episode was posted the other day! Check it out.

Hopping back to work!
~Little Jackalope~

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