Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick faces and some laughter.

I've been following the latest episodes of the "Continuing Adventures of Detective Private iPad" (episode 5 went up today), and I must say; they are quite funny!

Continuing yesterday's work of collecting images, today I came across a picture of a character whose face I don't remember looking this way. When I found it, I started laughing. See this:

-Katie Firestone eating a bad sandwich-
Yep, it's that sick face. This got me thinking about all the other times Nancy got sick from eating something. I liked making jellyfish sandwiches, but I doubt Nancy appreciated that. I thought it a worthy second chance experience (one that I enjoy losing over).

Today has been a busy meeting day for many hard workers here. They have lots of planning, synchronising, debating, and creative topics to share with each other. While this is "very" serious business, I often hear laughter coming from the meeting room just down the hall. Think we enjoys meetings? I know I sure do. Even if I'm not in one, it sure is fun to here some laughter around the corner.

Hip-hopping to work,
~Little Jackalope~


Sammy said...

I remember when I got to that part in the game, my brother and I were laughing SO hard when she made that face. Poor Katie, we made her sick about 10 times just to see her face. :) lol


Ki said...

That's hilarious! i have so many Nancy Drew games and I haven't played that one in half of forever cuz it was sorta boring and nothing ever happened...but GOSH! Just look at that face! LOL!