Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Thoughts and Multiple Distractions

I have several random thoughts and tasks to focus on. So many little things in such little time to do them, maybe it feels like this because February just flew by and it feels too early to end a month. March is here, though green madness is just waiting to burst forth and present itself in a grand spectacle. I'm trying to think up crafty things to do in honor of this month, particularly with the Irish holiday coming up. Any ideas how to decorate a cubicle or get festive in an office? So far my only thought is to play The Haunting of Castle Malloy and cut out shamrocks from green paper to post on my wall.

Other random thoughts include:

1. Upload the last of the game trailers
2. Think about the newsletters
3. Eat a cookie
4. Eat another cookie
5. Put together a few thumbnails
6. Doodle pictures all over Novel's calendar on the wall
7. Make a bookmark or two, maybe a third for fun
8. Read the dare to play blog posted today
9. Don't get distracted by the puzzle in the kitchen

Random picture from last week: Chocolate Castle Cake!
~Little Jackalope~


Tom Thatcher (HIMB) said...

An Irish idea for your doodling (whether on Novel's calendar or in your notebook...
Draw leprechauns the way Sonny Joon would! :)

Little Jackalope said...

Ooh, I love it! Thanks for the idea, will get onto that. ;)