Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Squares of Art

Guess what I get to do? Create Avatars for the Message Boards!! Yeah, I get real excited about these little things. I've done a few before, but this new bunch is for a few of the newer games, and there's no telling when they will be available. It could be a while. Do you have a favorite avatar to use on the boards? I used to keep the same one, but now with newer and different images available from December, I like to switch out between a few favorites.

Some of the research I get to do for these include searching our archives for screenshots and saved working files for the best quality image, playing selected areas of the game to find the missing images needed, and of course, learning about what you guys like and want. I often come across images I've never really noticed before that are hidden in the game. This is super fun research! Let me know what the best sort of avatars are, so I can be sure to make better ones in the future.

Check this out! I was snooping in the kitchen through a few boxes near the snacks (guilty me) and came across these cool masks:

-Frankenstein and a Mummy-
Getting back to my avatars, (no peeking!)
~Little Jackalope~

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