Monday, March 14, 2011

Teasing and Puzzle Culprits

Lately a few of us hard workers have been contemplating the slow release of teasing clues and hints for the next game. I find it enjoyable to read every one's theories and thought process on the message boards, deciding if we nudged or gestured to something that may or may not be a genuine crumb trail. This is a creative time for us as we scheme and plot devious ways to introduce ND24. Mwa-ha! It's torture, isn't it? Well, just know that good things come in a timely manner and we don't mean to keep you in the dark forever. :)

We have a newly finished 3D puzzle that somebody put together (we aren't sure who the sneaky genius is who put in the last few pieces. I'm going to sniff them out, track them down and tell them that they almost got away with the last touches if they hadn't forgotten the missing spires). Congrats to them, though. This means I've got to find a new puzzle to bring in for us to do.

~Front Facade of Notre Dame Cathedral~

Congrats to the sleuths who cracked the weekend puzzle! Here's how it was done: [Find the missing letters to the song. The numbers direct you to the letter in the alphabet you need to move over to to get the correct solution.
Here are the missing letters: MEAETYDWKD

[M move 1 right = N
E move 10 right = O
A move 2 right = C
E move 3 right = H
T move 15 right = I
Y move 4 right = C
D move 7 right = K
W move 8 right = E
K move 3 right = N
D move 15 right = S

Answer: [No Chickens]

Ta-ta for now!
~Little Jackalope~

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