Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picture-taking and awesome glasses.

I've been digging for the right images that will go on our website. Sometimes after much archive diving and fishing, trying to get the right catch, I sometimes find it is best and fastest to simply turn on the game, play for a minute and get myself to the right environment. The characters are a little bit harder to work with. I want to capture just the right smile or fun facial expression, but getting them to say "cheese" won't work, at least for the non-Waverly characters it won't. I often have to strike up a conversation with a character, and while they aren't looking...*snap*! I take their picture and check to see if I timed it right. My "oh bother! Try, try again!" moments come when their eyes are closed, or if they have a silly expression on their face.

Speaking of silly faces, look what I found while snooping in the kitchen (again): Glasses that look just like Helfdan's from Resorting to Danger! Perhaps these were the inspiration for them. I wonder if Novel would try them on...

-Helfdan's Glasses-

Paparazzi out!
~Little Jackalope~

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Tom Thatcher (HIMB) said...

Either you've learned your boss's flair for teaser tips, or the RED reference was a nice-sized whoopsy-daisy-there-goes-the-apple-cart. :)

I'm referring to how Inter_Sleuth finally gave a promise to discuss SOS at the end of the last MB update last week, after much begging and pleading by yours truly and a horde of other members--and even some mods. Once folks see that you posted a pic referring to RED, the Dossier game that had the trailer for SOS in it... well, let's just say I'm guessing it's option "A," but just in case it's "B" I won't start any threads on the MB about the pic's relevance until you (or Novel or Inetr_Sleuth) say otherwise.

- Tom Thatcher, HIMB

Side note (for HeR Admin eyes only): In case anyone else posts a comment on here claiming to be me (a member's recent rules question brought that thought up), you folks as Admins can verify that it's me by the fact that the first two letters of my email address are "ml", which I'll start putting below my username on any comments I leave here (and only here--no PI info on the MB, of course!). :)