Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nose Buried

There's nothing like sitting down with a Nancy Drew mystery on a cold, Fall day. Don't worry, it is work related. ;) Sometimes we read through a mystery or two to stay up on the Nancy trivia. And sometimes we just need a good case to solve. But today, I've been reviewing a few classic Nancy Drew stories in preparation for upcoming testing. We always like to make sure that our games continue to reflect the kind of Nancy Drew experience we all know and love. Now sometimes we like to add our own sort of "flair" to that formula, and it seems to fall squarely onto Marketing (i.e. me and my awesome team) to make sure that these changes don't stray outside of the "normal" Nancy Universe. Of course we're not the only ones reading the "yellowbacks, et al" I know I've seen a few of the designers sneaking into the library throughout the day. It's good to know Nancy is in capable hands!

I see that you're soooooo close on the puzzle, so here's the last hint.

- Puzzle 78 Hint -

Space the letters like so: 2 - 7 - 7 - 5


There's a new one going up tomorrow, so finish this one up quick, like I know you can. ^.~

o Novel o

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