Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Forward Momentum

The hive is stirring! We've got holiday plans coming together nicely (and it's not even Thanksgiving yet) I know I hinted at a newsletter on Monday, but don't expect it for a few days or so. Just let it gather a bit. Trust us on this. In the meantime, maybe enter a contest? :P

- Pic of the Week -
- A new Collector's Bundle? -


The puzzle players got part of the clue, but they might be focused on the wrong kind of companion. Think poof-ier.

I'm hoping for random tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

- Novel -


Anonymous said...

lolz. is that a Webkinz? it looks like one. lolz. totally cute! gonna try to enter contest. i like concept art!!! :)

Karen said...

will there be a store in the future where HER fans could purchase related game items(t-shirts, stuffed animals, key chain charms, etc.)

The Wolf looks so soft and fuzzy...