Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Life Cycle

Sometimes it's a wonder how things end up given where they started. For instance, I snapped this shot earlier today.

- The various stages of an HI journal's life -

It shows the progression of the exclusive journal (only in the Collector's Edition Fan Favorites tin). I think there was little chance of us ever going with the white book on the bottom, but it helped us select a bit more solid sort of book. Odd binding and the desire for more pages helped push us from the green version to the sleek looking brown. But of course this is HI, so we gave it a royal color (matching the tin and games) and put the famous silhouette on the front. And wham! We've got our journal.

Of course this is the simplified version of the process... it took us over a month to do and there were a few other considerations, but it's interesting to me to see the changes from what we originally concepted, to what we ended up shipping.

Heads-up, newsletter. Tomorrow. Be there, or be somewhat quadrilateral.

- Novel -

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