Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cruise Control

So I was getting a little nervous, given the rocky start this week's had so far [i.e. see yesterday's post], but it looks like all is back to normal. Well as normal as things can be around here at any rate. I mean when you've got an official full of amateur detectives... leaving dirty dishes by the sink is ill-advised. What can I say, a crime scene means a mystery, and sometimes we just can't help ourselves. :P

Of course we have been a bit pre-occupied as of late. It has been a launch heavy year, and here we are eagerly anticipating the holidays (the turkey can't get here soon enough, I say). Holidays means specials and new holiday content. Maybe there will be a little more info regard this in the upcoming newsletter. Which I should add you'll be seeing this week, if you've signed up for our newsletter that is [if not, you totally should]. Plus some extra content I hinted at last week. It's mere days away. ^.~

Puzzle 78 and 79 have been crushed! Excellent job sleuths, and you got puzzle 79 in just one day! ^.^ You can see how to solve them below.

- Puzzle 78 Solution -

First you need to put the words into a [ atbash cipher. ] You'll end up with a pretty incoherent sort of phrase [ Lasagne Timers Smirking ].

Take this phrase and [ unscramble it ] using the hint provided. The hint has three words that help you out [ Sit, Speak, and Heel ] These words are all [ commands for a dog ]. With this hint, you'll know that part of the answer is [ Mr. Mingles ] so simply solve the rest. [ Mr. Mingles Strikes Again ]



- Puzzle 79 Solution -

This puzzle can be broken down into the questions for each line -

What makes Helios's chariot shine: [ Helios was the greek personification of the "sun" ]

How many "good boys do fine"? [ Every, which in the musical mnemonic = "E" ]

When did the roses sing to Alice: [ In Alice in Wonderland, the roses sang about "June" ]

Now [ say ] it altogether and don't forget to [ add 'coming soon' ].

[ Sonny Joon Coming Soon ]


See you tomorrow.

o Novel o


Anonymous said...

ok, so does this mean that sonny's gonna be in ND 24??? i hope he is!!! i saw the trailer at the end of SAW and it looks like a crazy enough job for sonny to do!!! :)

Novel_Sleuth said...

We'll "R" I'd love to give you a definitive answer on that, but you know my lips are sealed tight. It's no secret that Sonny Joon is one of our favorite re-occurring characters, but will we ever see him... who knows?

- Novel -