Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Amazing Crafts

So there's not a lot of time to gossip today. But I wanted to show you something waaaay cool (that you may or may not have seen.)

- Pic of the Week -

- Oh so charming! -


Yup, those are custom created cell phone charms. This epic win is courtesy of our last intern (may she sleuth on forever!). We can't help but gush over how close they are to the in-game versions from Shadow at the Water's Edge. And she even made one of a fake-eye from Legend of the Crystal Skull, too awesome!

Hasta manana!

o Novel o


Anonymous said...

Aww thoes charms are toooo cute! That would be soo cool if HeR started selling thoes on there website!

detective said...

omg you should make and seel these for real its ubber cute tollay buy too

Anonymous said...

is this something you would consider selling in the merchandise store? or will there BE a merchandise store(aside from the games.) So cute!!!!

The Jackelope said...

Maybe if some of these were included in a drawing/contest (because they are custome made 'n all) for those who purchase one of the collector's tins.

By the way, Novel_Slueth..this and the video made my day!!

Anonymous said...

OMGZ!!!! those are SOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!!! i would TOTALLY buy one! put them up for sale! or you know what? they should make the phone charms a "signature" prize for each of your contests! people will go nutz!!!! :) :) :)!!!!!!!!! i LOVE the mushroom! and the whale is darling!!! the eyeball....... lolz, perfect "flash back" nice work HeR!!!!! :)