Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Contests, Hints, and Announcements

So there's a few things to run through today. First off there's an awesome contest starting today. It's all about the Collectors Edition Fan Favorites so be sure to check that out. All the rules are explained on the Dare To Play blog. I know how creative you all are, so I'm expecting to see a whole lot of awesome entries. Good luck!

It looks like there's another HI message going up on the MB. (This occurs every other Tues. if you haven't caught on. ^.~) You might want to read it once it goes live. I've had an advanced screening, and I think it is super important for everyone to give it a look. *edit: link to post*

Lastly, lets look at a hint to help you all finish up the weekend puzzle.

- Puzzle 58 Hint -

The original hint gives you 3 keywords that one particular Nancy Drew character might be familiar with. Use that to help you solve the anagram.


I'll round up some hi-jinks for tomorrow. See you soon.

o Novel o


Maria said...

I'd like to ask one question. I live in Russia. If I win a contest, will it be possible to get a prize? The rules are so interesting that I extremely want to take part. But taking part in a contest without any chance to have a prize... Especially such a COOL prize... You know. =)

Anonymous said...

When they said it has to be all your idea, did they mean an origional Fan Fiction, like, is this supposed to be Nancy Drew related? Or did they mean make up your own characters and story?

Novel_Sleuth said...

Okay, let me see...

Even if you live in Russia, you can totally enter. I know we normally have mailing restrictions, but for this prize, we don't!! Please enter.


You can make up your own characters and story if you wish. We'd love for you to keep our favorite sleuth in the story, but I hate to tie your creativity down. Just make sure you use all three quotes. ^.^

Good luck to you both!

- Novel -

Anonymous said...

So it's okay if I write one with Nancy, and Bess, and George, and New, and Helen, and Hannah, and Carson, or an asortment of them? Yay!