Monday, November 1, 2010

More to Come

So it's the first of November, Halloween has come and gone. Was it absolutely splendid? Are you completely sick of candy? I can tell you that we're not... I'm typing with chocolate-coated fingers right now. (is it bad to want to lick my keyboard?) Still I hope it was an eventful and fun weekend. Maybe you had some time to sit down and play Shadow at the Water's Edge. Or perhaps you did a little due-diligence on the Collector's Edition Fan Favorites (which launches today!)

There's still a good bit of fun to be had before the "Holiday Theatrics." Maybe some videos, a contest or two, who knows. ^.~ The Fall launch may be over and done, but the 'plotting' has not stopped. Promise.

The puzzle has been crushed. I'll do all the spoiling on Tuesday. See you soon!

o Novel o

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