Monday, November 15, 2010

Margin of Error

So Friday was a total whirlwind. So much so that no one posted the puzzle! I am way sorry for that (it is now posted), and totally don't know how not a single person here noticed... My computer decided that 'enough was enough' and promptly stopped functioning in every sort of way. It was whatever the direct opposite of "awesome" is.

I figure I'm pretty much the Western equivalent of Rentaro. I've got glasses, love crazy puzzles, and I'm completely obsessed with technology and any new whiz-bangs and gizmos that I can find. No robo-cats though. Still, all that stuff just likes to break for no reason. I'm a magnet for computer errors, it's like a weird super-power. Though I probably would've chosen flying if given the chance.

Now I've got a new computer (temporary) and here's the post. Promptly placed for your enjoyment. See you soon (accident-free).

- Novel -


Safecracker said...

Hey Novel!

The pic of the week this week should be of yourself! I've always wondered what you look like! :)

Anonymous said...

I betcha he looks like a nerd. haha.

--The Jackalope

Novel_Sleuth said...

Maybe one day Safecracker...

And yeah, I totally do.

- Novel -