Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Puzzle #150

This week's news:
If you haven't posted a caption to the picture on our Facebook page featuring Lily and Dylan from Tomb of the Lost Queen, head over and write up what you think they are saying (or thinking) to each other for a chance to win a Dylan water bottle!

Also, while you are at Facebook, check out our sale that we are having in honor of it being International Museum Day today!

On to the weekend puzzle! If you solved this or want to discuss the solution, head over to the "Blogs and Tweets" forum on our Message Board and chat with fellow puzzlers.

Good luck sleuths! (I'm hoping it will stump you long enough for me to give you a's been so long since I've given extra hints...and I aim to make some harder puzzles in the future). ;-)

~Little Jackalope~


Samanha said...

its my birthday today yay! i like there weekend puzzles

krazy rabbit 23 said...

I am moving to chicago!:( *sob, sob*
i will miss my friends a lot. Where is her interactive located??? I loved ur snoopings! today was our last day of school and now it's just summer vacation+nancy drewe games+and a little bit of studying!!!!

MJ said...

Hint! Hint!

It's Locked was as far as I got.

Future HeR Animator said...

I've noticed that you haven't given many hints. :) How do you make a puzzle? Do you make up the code? Use an existing code? Do you use a combo? Just would like to know, I run my own Facebook page and I try to make a weekend puzzle (which I fail at :P) sometimes.

Little Jackalope said...

@Samanha -- Happy belated birthday!!! :D

@krazy rabbit 23 -- We are located in Bellevue, WA.

@Future HeR Animator -- Sometimes I use existing code, sometimes I tweak that existing code, sometimes I layer codes on top of each other, and sometimes I make it completely up. :P