Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tomb of the Lost Queen is Here!

HOORAY! Today is the official release date for Tomb of the Lost Queen! It is now in stores and of course, available on our site! The strategy guide is only available at herinteractive.com in digital download only. But what is also exciting is the answer to the weekend puzzle (I purposely left the explanation to today so that I could talk about it, since we announced it today).

Weekend puzzle solution: it's a [freemason] cipher. Look up the cipher and compare the symbols to get this [TMB Merchandise]. And here are a few samples below:

How about a T-shirt with the Amateur Sleuth magnifying glass? No worries, if you prefer Master Sleuth, that image is available, too. ;)

Remember the TMB pillowcase featured on a previous Facebook Caption Contest? That is also available for purchase! Check out our store now or share some of the images on Pinterest (we pinned a few to our boards today).

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

Did you get any TMB stuff? :D
Also, do you see iPod touch 4th Gen cases coming to the store in the future? I would totally buy them. :)

Hannah said...

I'm so upset, I wrote the date down wrong on my calendar, I thought it was released today, but it was yesterday!! So I can't wait to get down town and get my copy of TMB! So exciting! Even more exciting of course is seeing what the next game will be, but I'm avoiding the message boards so as not to ruin my surprise.

Is that a Sonny Joon book there? Or a cd case? Binder? I haven't seen that in your store before, is it new?

I sure wish you had those cool purple journals you sold a while back in your Merchandise Store. (or Koko Kringles, I feel like I'll never get to taste one!)

Hannah (Drew Detective)

Anonymous said...

OOOHH! I want the thing from Sonny Joon!!

From me,

Michaela Anne said...

Strangely enough, today also pays homage to TMB in an interesting day since it is the birthday of Howard Carter, the archeologist who discovered King Tut's tomb. How's that for coincidence? Also, today's Google drawing commemorates this...little do they know it has other implications for Nancy Drew fans!

Little Jackalope said...

@Silvertongue -- The Sonny Joon thing is an iPad folio case, but you can pick any product (mug, t-shirt, mouse pad etc...) and put the Sonny Joon book art on it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I ahev some work ahead of me to earn some money. I must have a Sonny Joon...anything!!

From me,

Anonymous said...

Will there be any iPod cases in the future? *wiggles eyebrows* :)