Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lilacs and Faces

Today a fellow team member brought in her lilacs, and shared them with everyone. Now the entire office smells like lilacs (very cool!), and I also understand what Nancy experienced in the book The Mystery at Lilac Inn. See the stowaway below? (Ladybug!) 

Check this out! I was super excited to see the Tomb of the Lost Queen box art because when you put two of them together (retail boxes only) you get both halves of the queen's face! Oh the things I get excited over...

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

What pretty flowers!! :D
You and I must get excited over small things, ;) think that's awesome! I'd like the one with the queen instead of the mummy.What cool little things you guys do.:D

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's EPIC! And I LOVE the things you get excited over, please get excited over more things!

Christine said...

Hey are you left handed? your drawings are always you doing something with your left hand.

Anonymous said...

Got my downloaded game yesterday for my birthday and I can't stop playing it!! so much Fun!! Thanks HerInteractive for coming out with another amazing game! :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. yes,lilacs do smell awesome. We have a bunch of lilac bushes around the house.

From me,

Anonymous said...

I just got my coby of TMB today!!!!! It is installing NOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If I was able to, I would SO buy a mummy version to match the preordered queen version XD

Hannah said...

WoW! Cool! The boxes are different on either side?! Oh now I'm going to have to buy 2! Great marketing plan, you just doubled your money in our household!

Just kidding. Those are the MOST BEAUTIFUL lilacs I've ever seen! You even got the teeny tiny little lady bug in the picure! A sign of spring.

-Hannah (Drew Detective)

Little Jackalope said...

@Anonymous -- No worries, I will be sure to get excited over everything big and little going on here.

@Christine -- Good observation! But no, I'm not really left handed. It is a habit of mine to draw that way, plus drawing the left angles/sides are my favorite.

@Silvertongue -- Cool! Then your place must be like the Nancy Drew book! *Lilacs*

@Anonymous -- You got your copy of TMB today! Yaaay!! ^_^

@Hannah -- Yep! The box is different on the opposite side. :)