Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Wildlife: Geese

I got a hot tip from one of our artists: there was a few geese families outside behind our office. With this new information, I decided to grab my camera and go into stealth mode...which is really hard by the way when the only way to get to the geese was by gravel path and crunchy leaves. It felt just like when Nancy was taking pictures of the different birds in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Oh, I love that game!

I was far less scared of getting chased by the parents than I was of the hornet buzzing circles around me.

Lovingly named by our artist, these two geese families are the Applegates and the Canterburys. Don't ask me who's who...

I can tell you that this daddy geese (on the right above) told me how far I could come....he hissed at me. He was a little intimidating. >_<

We are excited for tomorrow! Tomorrow ND#26 Tomb of the Lost Queen is launching!! Yay!! For those of you who waited for it to come out in stores...are you excited as well? ~.^

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

Aw, how cute! :D
Even though I pre-ordered my copy of TMB, i'm still excited for the official release.
When will we be able to see the answer to the weekend puzzle?

Haley Bug said...

I can't wait, but I have to wait till my birthday in June. :( Oh well, at least I will get to read more reveiws before I get my game.

Hannah said...

Awww they're adorable!! I have a friend in Ireland who has two white geese, and they did a lot of hissing at me too, especially when we had to take her eggs. (never had such a big fried egg for breakfast in my life!) How many little goslings were there? (if that's what they're called?)

And yes! My brothers and I are THRILLED!! We've been waiting for TMB to come to the Target in our town and tomorrow we will finally get our copy!

Anonymous said...

Very cool about the geese! And I just had a major freakout when I saw that you like DOG!!!!!!!!!!! That is one of my absolute favorite games!

Go DOG, go!!!!!!

(Please excuse the lame pun/joke, as I am in a severe state of joy. Yipee. Yep, DOG is awesome...awesome awesome awesome.)

Little Jackalope said...

@Future HeR Animator -- I can talk about the weekend puzzle today, the 8th of May, because today we announce it. ^_^

@Hannah -- Wow! You eat geese eggs! That must be HUGE! Also, super excited with you about going to get TMB!

@Anonymous -- Go DOG, go!! Is totally right! I LOVE Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake! Someday I hope to have a basement that I can decorate to look like the Mickey Malone Speakeasy...except I would have soda pop and root bear floats down there. Yum.

Anonymous said...

There are two ponds we always pass and there are geese that return every year and have their babies. One year one pair had around 17! A few weeks ago we passed and I thought one of the daddys was gonna fall over he stood up so tall. I love the names you guys gave them. Very nice.

From me,