Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post-Halloween + Flashlights

Has anybody tired of candy yet? We are still enjoying left-overs from yesterday's potluck, and still have plenty of candy left to eat. No worries, I'm sure it will all disappear soon.

With Halloween just behind us and the winter days becoming shorter, my thoughts have been on the darkness outside. Nancy has done a lot of sleuthing outside in the dark, or in dark spaces. She chases after burglars and culprits, investigates areas when no one is around, and she knows how to keep hidden. While it can be very dangerous to go prowling in the dark, Nancy is often prepared for such occasions. Her flashlight, or "torch light" as it is called in a few books, is kept safely in her convertible's glove compartment.

In the games, Nancy has acquired and used several different light sources for exploring in the dark, such as flashlights, lanterns, and glow sticks...plenty of glow sticks!
~Recognize this lantern?~
Are you prepared for the dark? I've learned from Nancy to put a flashlight in my car's glove box, and I know where to find a few candles should I need them. (I also have a little hand-held glitter globe that lights up different colors when shaken...but it isn't too bright or reliable.)

Looks like a few of you solved the weekend puzzle! Great work, it was a tough one!
Here's how it's done: First, it helps to figure out what the directions mean.
Directions: -->4x6^
A=T-B and N=L-R
Combine the I and J. No X.

The answer to these random letters:
[Make a grid across 4, and 6 tall.
Alphabet = Top to Bottom
Number them Left to Right.
Combine the I and the J into one space, and delete the X from the alphabet].

Now you find the letters from the numbers given: 9-1-9-14-18-17-23-10-3-4-6-17-12-1-3
Answer: [Cackles in the van] It's a reference to [Alibi in Ashes]. Hm...what could this mean?

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

Hard puzzle.I was totaly stumped.can't wait till next Friday and and a new puzzle.

From me,

Anonymous said...

Oh,One more thing.Is that the lantern fromSecret of the Old Clock?

From me,

Little Jackalope said...

I grabbed this lantern from the first game it made an appearance in...

Anonymous said...


Little Jackalope said...

Yes! :)