Thursday, November 10, 2011

Character Designer Interviewed!

I'm excited to announce that we interviewed our Character Designer, Van! Check out today's Dare to Play blog post here. I really like his designs. I admit I was a little worried about how Nancy's friends would turn out...because I'm a little protective of how I envision them. But now I am very happy how they look (George is my favorite). Bess is super cute and looks great with any hairstyle and wearing any sort of cute clothing, while George has that tomboyish style and haircut with a little teasing smirk on her face (that is so much like her). Ned was my most worrisome character, but look how cute he turned out!

These were the early concept sketches of the phone avatar/icons for Alibi in Ashes. Pretty neat, right?

~George Fayne~

~Bess Marvin~
~Ned Nickerson~

Guess what? Tomorrow's weekend puzzle will be a contest! Stay tuned for more details!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

I love the scetches.I've already read the interveiw.Very cool.
I guess that is kindof how I saw Ned.He looks great!George and Bess look amazing and I know they were in another game,but I never played that one,so I can't compare.Will we actualy get to see Ned animated like the other characters?

From me,

Melody said...

Another great interview. I would also like to know about what education and experience everyone has. I read that most of the people who work at Charm City Cakes (from the tv show Ace of Cakes) don't have culinary or business education or experience. The bakery is a success. Do you guys have a similar story?