Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend Puzzle #128

Friday has come. It's time for another intense brain-boggler!'s not so much of a toughy this time, but good luck anyways!

Hint: [There are 3 names included]

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Have a good weekend!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

LOL -will say no more,just singing my song,all day long,just can`t get it out of my head...♪♫♪

Miranda Due said...

How do i submit my answer?

Anonymous said...

hey guys! i totally love ur website and nancy drew of course! but i just started doin' the puzzles and since its my first time i was wondering if i could i get a hint of how to do this puzzle? thank! :)

Little Jackalope said...

There is a forum on our message boards called "Blogs and Tweets" where you can discuss the puzzle, just be sure to put the answer in spoiler code if you think you've solved it. :)

This weekend is not a contest, it is only for fun.

To read the one hint provided in the post, use your cursor to highlight the space in between the [brackets].

Anonymous said...

I finished the puzzle.Found three names,and a bunch of food names and such things as ice fishing,cooking,and breakfast.I also got the answer:
Call Mystico.

When I played Icicle Creek,i did call Mystico.

From me,

Anonymous said...

You guys are just SO awesome! i have ASH, and every time i go on the computer i go to HER interactive website and i see stuff about ASH, and i can't help but play it! matter of fact, that's what i am going to do right now!