Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Puzzle #99

It's a pretty spring morning here. The Japanese magnolias are in bloom and the birds were chirping as I came in. Anyways, I have a day of art projects and cubicle organizing ahead of me, whoo-hoo!

This weekend is a great time to work on your cake designs for the contest! There are still 11 days left to submit, so plan right away and get those ingredients ready, I'm anxiously awaiting those masterpieces. If you haven't seen the details of the contest, check out the Dare to Play Blog.

Ok, on the master weekend puzzle! I'm sure this one will be solved rather fast. :)
~To see this in a new window, click here~


~Little Jackalope~


Tom Thatcher (HIMB) said...

Check the HIMB for my solution to the Weekend Puzzle--looking forward to #100!


- Tom Thatcher

engrtiocs said...

It says "Message in a bottle"