Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today flew by!

I've been super busy, so I apologize for such a late post. We've got a few things coming up and it's been great fun trying to get it all ready. :) Lately I've been trying to search our archive for the original Easter Egg files (this is just as hard as trying to find them in-game!), but the treasures of my hunt are always worth spending time searching for. There are some really cool looking eggs out there! How many have you been able to find? I've also been doing some searching for a bunny (and no, this time the jackalopes from the jackalope display in Trail of the Twister don't count this time, sadly). I then got a little lost in our archives, so I had to call in a search party (a few artists, designers and all-around specialists of the Nancy Drew game creation). Within a few hours, we succeeded in finding this cute little guy: Can you find and identify the two games and locations this bunny has been in? *Note, he was first this pink color, and later a grey-ish white. Weekend puzzle is tomorrow! Stay tuned!
~Little Jackalope~

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Tom Thatcher (HIMB) said...

Check the HIMB for my solution to your bunny image trivia question.


- Tom Thatcher