Monday, April 18, 2011

Sort of Sorted

Today I've been making huge lists, documenting information, sorting through images, and mentally preparing for meetings. It's a day filled with organizing and getting things straight and in proper alignment. There feels to be an immense amount of information to process...maybe because it's a Monday, and we need a little extra time to refresh our minds. :) Thanks goodness for task lists!

I'm curious to know how many journals, notebooks and sticky notes Nancy has gone through in her lifetime. She has quite the organized desk. Mine however is a little busy-looking. There are sticky notes all over my computer screen, a few stacks of paper here and there, posters and calendars on the wall, cookies in the drawer, a glitter globe next to the phone, cup holder, and box of bricks... At least I know where everything is; that's the important part.

Congrats for solving Weekend Puzzle #99! It was pretty simple, here's how you do it: [The first digit is the first letter in the sentence. The second digit refers to the letter that is found on the grid counting left to right (or top to bottom).] An example would be 1.4. Find the fourth letter in that row, and you get the first letter, which is M. Next, find the 2 and so on. Here's the ending answer: [Message In a Bottle].

Also, the answer to the bunny trivia from the post on the 14th is this: [The pink bunny was seen on Izzy's bed in Warnings at Waverly Academy. This same bunny was seen in a grey color in the pool environment (behind the giant nonograms puzzle on the wall) in Shadow At the Water's Edge.]

Stay sharp!
~Little Jackalope~

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