Monday, April 4, 2011

Springtime in April

Well it's raining again here in the Pacific Northwest. It very much feels like Danger on Deception Island with the clouds and the ocean not far away. Congrats to the quick sleuths who solved the weekend puzzle! Type of cypher used to crack it: [Playfair]. Apply the key word "Kettle" and get [Cadborosaurus]. Voila! One local sea monster myth who brings terror to believing sailors. I went digging and found this fun sketch of "Caddy" to share with you.

~The snake horse of Snake Horse Harbor~

I love how the fog can play tricks on us! Objects moving in the water can appear as something else; often playing with us into thinking there is a creature alive just below the surface and giving us chills. There are several Nancy Drew books where this happens. Nancy would be looking through the dark or the rolling fog and will try to make out a clear image of a luring shape. It is spooky to see something and not know exactly what it is. Take for example the book "The Haunted Bridge" or the game Curse of Blackmoor Manor during the dream sequence. Those stories had some blurred object movements that made the experience a more suspenseful one!

Ah, a little suspense is always appreciated! Hopefully we will provide enough suspense for you in upcoming games.

Keep it real!
~Little Jackalope~

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