Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cake, Dessert, and Chocolate. My, oh my!

I remember being super excited when we got to eat food for the first time in the Nancy Drew games. I believe the first time was in The Haunted Carousel where we got to order hamburgers, salad and of course, the ever famous Fundae (accompanied by the official souvenir spoon). The first time Nancy could have eaten something was Rick Arlen's box of Sopressa Chocolates from Stay Tuned For Danger, but they were tainted. It is awesome that this same chocolate also showed up in The Phantom of Venice, and as a key chain in Shadow At the Water's Edge.

Now there are several games where Nancy gets to eat or prepare food. My favorite is still the Fundae. Is any one's favorite the Shadow Ranch cake? Besides the Koko Kringle bars, the Shadow Ranch cake seems to be the most recognized food item of the Nancy Drew games. It's so pretty!

Ah, speaking of all this dessert...Megan, our president and CEO brought in a box of chocolates to share, so as soon as I got the message, I literally ran to the kitchen to snap a picture for you. Check out how awesome Megan's taste is:


Have you heard of the new contest? Check out the Dare to Play blog for more details about our cake design contest! Just a tip: while the Shadow Ranch cake is certainly the coolest ever, I predict several people will be making it, so try some new and unique creation. Get crazy! I dare you. ^.^

~Little Jackalope~

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