Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bumps and Creepy Sounds

All day today (and a little of yesterday) we've been hearing bumps, thumps, banging, and odd other sounds. Could it be a cranky boiler? A villain breaking into a room? A big machine cranking out counterfeit money? Aliens and coatimundi trying to find Sonny Joon's hideout!?

Nah, but we can imagine, right? Actually there has been a little construction going on below our feet on the first floor. It's kind of funny as we walk into the kitchen and set our cup of tea (or coffee) on the counter and notice that the liquid is vibrating. Ooh! That would make a good scary animation for a suspenseful scene in a game! Oh wait, that idea was already taken by a sci-fi movie in the 90s. Still; I think bumps and creepy sounds are a must for a good scare in a Nancy Drew environment, like the boiler in Warnings At Waverly Academy, or the sounds of the moving rooms in Curse of Blackmoor Manor, or even all those random noises in the night in Treasure in the Royal Tower.

Yep, gotta love those sounds! If I was really in those locations, I would have chills. :) But this time, I know where the banging is actually coming from. Ah, the adventures of office life!

~Little Jackalope~

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